Meet Hillary and Randy

Randy and Hillary Little met working on staff with a college ministry. After years of friendship and working together, they married. The beginning of marriage wasn’t easy, but as Randy and Hillary grew together, God has given them passion to see themselves and others experience the joy of living within God’s design! The experiences in their own marriage, loss of their first baby through miscarriage, becoming parents, as well as walking with men and women through sexual sin has contributed to the desire to expose the lies within popular culture and reclaim God’s good design for the family by sharing truth.

Randy and Hillary are covenant partners at Legacy Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Randy has a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Tech University and a master’s degree in Christian Studies from Southeastern Theological Seminary. 

Hillary has a bachelors of science in public health from East Tennessee State University and is currently working towards a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grace College. 


 Randy - I grew up in church all of my life, but I did not become a Christian until my senior year of college. I knew the books of the Bible, won bible trivia, and was good at conforming my actions to the standards set by my peers and parents. BUT what (or should I say who) I didn't know was God. I had no relationship with Him. At least, not until college. Some students involved in Campus Outreach would commonly talk to me about my spiritual beliefs, and I quickly learned I was not comfortable talking about my beliefs. In reality, I was really a fraud claiming to be a Christian. I knew deep down in my heart- and they knew- I had no relationship with Jesus. I had no desire to walk with God. I only wanted to fit in and be accepted by my friends. Acceptance was my God. Until one day, after many conversations and Bible studies, I went to a Christian conference, and there I was changed to never be the same. For the first time in my life, it was like a light switch flipped in my soul, and I understood the Bible is a true book that tells me about the true God. In that moment, the Bible came alive to me. I truly wanted to know, obey, and trust God. I began to understand that God has a design for me as man, a design for women, a design for husbands, a design for wives, a design for families, a design for all of life which we are called to receive, embrace and embody. I now want to lead others to receive this blueprint, which is a good design.

Hillary- I grew up in a fun and loving home. I would have equated being a Christian with being a good person. On top of that, my family celebrated Christmas and Easter, and I knew those had something to do with Jesus, however, we did not go to church, and I did not have a relationship with Jesus. I always heard everyone was a sinner, but never understood the weight of it. I easily excused my sin by saying something like, “nobody’s perfect, oh well.” When I was 9 years old, I went to Christian camp and heard the full Gospel for the first time. I prayed “the prayer” and would have said I “got saved,” but my life did not change, and I still did not have a relationship with Jesus. The most important thing to me was having friends and being popular. All of my friends went to the same church so naturally I went with them. I got involved with a small group and the leader invested in me a ton. There was never a specific moment I could pinpoint of becoming a Christian, but in that season of life, I began to change. I began to love Jesus. I began to understand my sinfulness and Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. I, all the sudden, had desire to read God’s Word and pray. I had a desire to talk about Jesus… a lot! There are obviously still struggles, but my life was truly change by the grace of God.

Shortly after this, I went to college and through a discipleship relationship, I continued to grow in understanding of the sweetness of Christ’s sacrifice for me. I went on staff with Campus Outreach, where I grew in making Lordship decisions, leadership, evangelism, and helping others walk in God’s design. Since transitioning off staff with Campus Outreach, God has given me a desire to grow women to love Biblical femininity in singleness, marriage, and motherhood.